Red Wall & Stairs


Baby Car Seats

Do you install/inspect child safety seats?

No, we do not.  You can contact the Davis County Health Department @ 801.525.5177

Camp Fire at Night

Can I use my fire pit?

Yes you can!  But click HERE to follow the safety regulations!

Fire Extinguisher

Do you refill/inspect fire extinguishers?

No, we do not.   Go online and search "fire extinguishers" for a vendor near you.

Building Construction

Who do I contact for my fire clearance/business license inspection?

Please call 801.677.2400 to schedule your inspection with our Fire Prevention Team. 

Pills in apothecary bottle

Where can I take my used syringes/expired medication?

Contact your local police department, pharmacy or click  below

Click here

Water Sprinkler

There's an issue with a fire hydrant.  Who do I notify?

Please contact your city's water department to let them know.  

Pot on Gas Burner

I smell natural gas!  What do I do?

Evacuate the area/home and call 911.  We can measure the CO2 levels in your home and make sure it is safe!