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Red Wall & Stairs


We do not check child safety seats.  Contact Davis County Health for a location near you

Can you install/inspect my child's safety seat?

No we do not.  You can contact the Davis County Health Dept. 

No we do not.  Click on the link below to search for a company near you! 

Do you refill/inspect fire extinguishers?

Do you still offer First Aid Kits? 

They are available until gone!  Contact us @

Evacuate the area and dial 911

I smell natural gas.
What do I do?

Evacuate the area and call 911. 

Who do I contact for a fire clearance/
business inspection?

Please call us at 
801.677.2400 to schedule an appointment. 

Please call 
to schedule an appointment.

Yes, you can.
Click below for more info. 


Yes, you can.  Click below for some safety tips!

The fire hydrant is gushing water!

Who do I call?

Contact your city's water department

Please call your city's public works department. 

Contact your city's water department

Where can I take my expired medication?

We do not accept expired medication or sharps.  Click on the link below to find a location drop-off. 

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