Recreational Fire / Barbeque Pits

Recreational fires and barbeque pits are allowed but must be in compliance with the following regulations:

  • Fires must be 25 feet from any combustible (buildings, trees, shrubs, sheds, wood fence, etc.).
  • A means of extinguishment must be available on site (i.e., attached garden hose).
  • Fire must be supervised at all times.
  • Fire must be on private residence property only. (No fires in the street.)
  • Fire is to be kept small (3 feet in diameter, 2 feet high maximum.)
  • Burn only cleaned seasoned firewood.
  • No burning trash.
  • No burning yard debris.

Damaged caused by an uncontrolled recreational fire may be the responsibility of the fire starter/attendee.

If a complaint is made by a neighbor, we will respond to check for compliance. If the fire does not meet the regulations or is hazardous to the surrounding neighbors, we may ask you to extinguish it.

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