Fire Prevention

 Fire Marshal

Casey Vorwaller

Casey has spent the past 9 years working in fire prevention bureaus and has extensive experience in code enforcement, public education, plan reviews, and fire investigations. He has also been active on the State level, having served as president and vice-president of the Fire Marshal's Association of Utah, board member of the Utah Chapter of IAAI, and as a board member of the State Uniform Building Codes Commission. 




Day Care Inspection $30
Fireworks Sales (Indoor) $150
Fireworks Sales (Outdoor) $300
Healthcare Facility $200

ESCAPE PLAN FOR YOUR HOME - With this form, you can draw the floor plan of your home. After determining a safe meeting place outside, make sure everyone knows two ways out and where to meet. 

FIREWISE LANDSCAPING and DEFENSIBLE SPACE is an interactive website for adults and kids. Check it out to help your kids learn more about being fire safe.


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