Who do I call if I have a question about my ambulance bill?

Any questions regarding your ambulance bill can be directed to Gold Cross at 801-975-4385.

Do you offer 1st Aid or CPR classes?

We offer Healthcare Provider CPR and Heartsaver 1st Aid/CPR/AED classes. Please see the "CPR CLASSES" tab for dates and class times. You may also call our office at 801-677-2400 to register or to find out more information.

Do you refill or inspect fire extinguishers?

No, we do not refill or test fire extinguishers. If you look in the yellow pages, you will find several vendors who do this.

Who do I contact if I'm interested in employment with South Davis Metro Fire?

Please see the "EMPLOYMENT" tab for hiring requirements.

How do I schedule a tour of the fire station?

To schedule a tour of one of our five fire stations, please call 801-677-2400. We do many public education classes for youth of all ages, including fire safety, 1st aid, CPR, emergency preparedness, and more. Please remember that when you come for a tour, our firefighters are working and could be called out on an emergency.

How often do I change the batteries in my smoke alarm or CO detector?

We recommend changing your batteries twice a year. A good reminder is when you change your clocks for Day Light Savings, change your batteries.  Even if your detectors are hard wired, it still has a battery back up and needs to be changed.

Who do I contact about a fire inspection for my home or business?

Please call us at 801-677-2400 to schedule an inspection. 

Can I bring my used syringes to the fire station?

The fire department does not accept used needles or other sharps. You can safely dispose of them in your regular trash by following the guidelines provided by the Davis County Health Dept:

"Isolate sharps in leak-proof, rigid, puncture-resistant containers such as a plastic soft drink bottle, a plastic milk bottle, or a sharps container commercially available. When the container is full, the lid should be tightly secured and taped on. The sharps may then be placed in the regular household trash for curbside collection."

Do you install/inspect child safety seats?

The Fire Department does not install or inspect child safety seats.  You can contact the following locations in Davis County:

AAA Insurance - Farmington    801.683.4900

Davis County Health Department - Clearfield     801.525.5177

Kaysville City Police Department - 801.546.1131